Top 5 Tips | How to Make Money From Blog 2019

How to make money from blog: Hello Friend's In this article of today, we are going to tell you that you can make your how to make money from blog from which you can earn more than your blog.

Top 5 Tips | How to Make Money From Blog 2019

Today most of the New Bloggers just think that what they should do so that they can earning more and more from their blog, if you are thinking like this then today in How to make money from blog Post we will give you 5 Tricks You are going to tell, by using which you can earn more than your blog.

But to do this, it is very important to have some Qualities in your Blog, if this Qualities are not in your Blog then you should first focus on improving them and then use all these methods.

Qualities for your Blog

Normally a blog should have lots of Qualities, but here we will talk about just a few important things without which you can not earn Earning from your blog.

01. A Responsive Blog

First of all, you must have a Responsive Blog, for which you can use Blogger or WordPress. Because both of these Platforms facilitate you to create a Perfect Responsive Blog.

Now if you do not want to create a blog on Blogger, you can read our article "How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete Guide for Beginners in Hindi" and learn to create your own blog.

02. Topic

Topic is the second most important thing for a blog, because according to this, you get Readers and Ads, which gives you Earning.

Before deciding the topic, you should also look at some basic things like-

Do not create a blog on top topics which have a very high competitiveness.
Select Topics with which you can write articles about related products.
Your topic should be searchable so you can get good traffic from Search Engine
If you are having problems deciding the Topic then you can read our Article 5 Ways: Trending Topics Kaise Find Kare Best Tips which can get you some better ideas and you can decide for a good topic for your blog. .

03. Quality Content

Whatever content you upload to your blog, there should be information about it and your content should be unique, you can also say that whatever Content Write you can create from your Tarike with any other Blog Do not copy.

04. Social Media Followers

You will have to create relevant pages from your blog on social media along with your blog, and you will also have to gain maximum number of followers on those pages, so that the reputation of your blog on Social Media remains.

05. Traffic

The last and most important should be the maximum traffic on your blog, for which you can use Multiple Articles, Keywords, etc. From which you can get Daily Good Traffic from Social Media and Search Engine

When these are all Qualities on your blog, then use these 05 methods so that you can earn maximum earnings.

Top 5 Tips | How to Make Money From Blog 2019

01. Advertising Network

Blogging is the best Source Advertising Network in which Google Adsense is most commonly used. Apart from this, you get some other Advertising Network, which allows you to earn good earnings from your blog.

 But it is the most trusted Google Adsense, which is used by almost all bloggers. You can also earning Ads by Google Adsense on your blog.

If you do not know about Adsense Approval or you are not getting Adsense Approval, you can read our Article 10 Tips: Google Adsense Account Approve in 7 Days. With this, if your Blog Adsense is Approved, you can read 8 Best Tips: Google Adsense CPC Ko Improve Kare Article so that you can increase the Earning of your Adsense.

02. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the second most popular way to earn Earning from Blog, in which you can join different companies and by promoting their products on your blog, the company gives you a commission according to your sales.

To get a better understanding of Affiliate Marketing, you can read our Article Affiliate Marketing program in which we share all the necessary information about Affiliate Marketing.

03. Sponsored / Paid Post

When you run your blog perfectly, you have to contact you to have different Companies Promotion. In which you have to publish an article on their website for their product or website etc.

Similarly, some website owners also approach you to take Backlink from your website for which they pay you. In this way you can earn your online earning through Sponsored / Paid Post.

04. Services

You can also Provide Different Services through Your Blog, such as SEO Optimization, Online Tools, or if you have Knowledge of Coding, then you can Sell and Sell Themes etc.

For Example: Moz was a website that used to provide SEO related content but now it also provides different tools through your website, in which if you want to use those tools, you can pay Is needed.

This is also a good option, so you can earn very much through your blog.

05. Product

Now if you have a company or you are manufacturing any kind of product, then you can promote your product through Blog and sell them worldwide, so that you get Earning.

Most product companies today develop their website and app so that they can promote and sell their products on the Internet.

In this way, you can also create a Blog to Sell Home Made Products, so you can easily earn Earning from your Blog.

In Conclusion (How to make money from blog)

All the tricks we have told you in this article are all genuine, and today millions of people use these methods to earn their online earnings.

You can also use these methods to get your How to make money from blog and get as much benefit as possible. Now you have any questions related to this topic, then you must tell us at the Comment Box and if you liked this article then your friends also Tell us about this post so that he can earn as much earning money from his blog.


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