Top 20 Killer Tips For New Bloggers | Rank Fast in Google

Top 20 Killer Tips For New Bloggers | Rank Fast in Google: Writing articles so hard, in such a situation if the readers do not come or come short, or even those who do not give the comments, then soon the heart of the blog starts to break. Then the blogging begins to break his mind. And the result It just happens that he just keeps blogging away. Today, I've brought tips for bloggers who can motivate themselves by implementing them. Let's see how.

Top 20 Killer Tips For New Bloggers | Rank Fast in Google

1. Write a regular post, or write a short application in less than 2 or 3 times a week. If you make your posting lethargy, then your readers will go broke.

2. Get your blog included in group blogs and Hindi Blog Endgates. On the Internet you will find many such Hindi BLOG endigators, which can be included in your blog. The advantage of this will be that your blog will reach new readers.

3.Jin Hindi Blog Endgates has added your blog, your every post will update, so you will also get new visitors.

4. Everyday new blog should go through every new post and give the comment, so that other bloggers will be eager to know about you. And they will also come to your blog.

5. Promotion of other blogs through your blog. You can also update the blog if you wish. The advantage of updating the blog is that every new post of those blogs will be displayed on your blog. And the blogs update You have put that they will also update your BLOG.

6. Establish good relations with other bloggers. You will get the benefit of this blog. You will promote their blogs and they will promote your blog. Also, you must comment on their every post.

7. Read more posts from others. With this, you will learn a lot and with it you will be motivated to write better.

8. Connect with Hindi BLOG groups according to your topic on Facebook. And share your link of every new post there. Facebook is the biggest promotion field, and there are so many Hindi blogs groups on Facebook, you can also promote your BLOG by joining them. But do not move away from your subject.


9. Make more friends than you can. On social media you will find many people related to your topic, who are interested to read every post related to that topic. If you add such people with you, then this will create your own network.

10. Post by the people or by saying, post only according to the interests. Avoid posting on such subjects which people do not like. Kamiab blogger is the one who can learn to recognize people's likes and preferences. And post it accordingly. Sometimes such a post is that readers are bored.And mango People do not understand. Learn to think people's thoughts and their likes and preferences. This is also an art.

11. Be special in your language while posting on BLOG. You write Hindi as a common language which people can understand. Use the very best Hindi in the same way, those who are absolutely sure that there will be no mistake in writing. Or because of the mistake of writing Even the readers run away. It is the most common language that the common people can understand.

12. Be sure to read your post one or two times before posting on blog so that if there is a mistake then come forward. Write down every post above 500 words. Bigger posts are read more than short posts, then depending on your article, how do you bind readers.

13. Remove the mouse from your dictionary. Do not give any comment or give it a reason to believe in good writing. Sometimes people like a post but do not give a comment, it does not mean that people do not like your post. do.

14. A saying goes, "The one who gives it to someone who gives it to someone." If you keep giving comments to others, then your testimonies will themselves pull them out. But do not write just for the comments. Surely with the comments Hounslah is Afzai, but there is also a hobby of praise from the comments, and when the comments are not received, then there is despair. Therefore, do not get comments even if you do not get it. Do not even get used to it.

15. Most posts are read on Friday and Sunday, if possible, write a new post in these two days. If you have imposed a Google adsense ad on your blog, then follow the rules carefully, your small mistake Can also go to your hard work.


16. Those who write poetry, ghazals or compositions should write the words and meanings of the post, so that people can easily understand the meaning of your composition. Well, Hindi and pure Urdu compositions can not be understood by ordinary people, hence it is also necessary. That is what they mean to them.

17. Promote plenty of your blog on social media. Just like a salesman goes everywhere to sell his goods. Likely take advantage of the vast network of social networking. Make new friends, and treat them coming to your blog. Hope that new people will join with you. Social media sharing is at its place but it is not appropriate to force anyone to drag on your blog. Therefore, promote BLOG by staying in the limelight.

18. Come to work of new bloggers. That is to avoid the problems of those who have problems in your blog. Help others as much as you have information.This other bloggers will be attracted to you, and they will come to work for you.Every time open the door of service on your behalf. Help the bloggers. Help them to install Gizette widgets on their blogs. And there are other blogging problems which can be helped by them. Anyway, the new bloggers No he helps his BLOG to Are are you looking at making better.


19. One of the most beautiful things is that you sometimes write a blog post on the blogger of other bloggers on your blog too. It will be very happy with them.And they will also be promoted through you. So hopefully they will write a post for you in the name of your blog. It does not take much time for writing a blog post, but by this small task you Win that blogger's heart Because of that, he also stands ready for you at all times. And when he gets the chance, he also makes you a promotion.

20. Join the communities on the group and Google Plus as per your BLOG topic so that you can get your right audience. It is not that you are sharing poetry in the technical groups, then you never read the readers. Will meet. On Facebook, on Google Plus, related groups and communities are present from every subject, you can search them and join them. Share your posts in those people only.

In them, you will find the same people who are interested in that topic. Many people here make this mistake that they share their posts with interested people in the other subject and then cry out that visitors do not come to our BLOG.

Blogging tips How do you get this post by hindi If you liked this post then give your feedback and do not forget to share it with your friends on social media Thank you.


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