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Hello friends In today's post we will talk that you can do Blogging Kaise Start Kare. I have been looking for some days that the craze of blogging is growing fast in people. How to start a block, how to login, how to earn money from blogging, how to make a career in blogging etc. Other people search all this in Google. Today there are so many guides on blogging that a new blogger gets confused. Here's where to start from, so let me tell you where you start from step step by step up carefully.

How to Start Blogging - You need to have a Topic to start blogging. You have more information about the topic about which you write blog. For this, sit down and think about which subject you are more interested in which you have a lot of knowledge about which you would like to read as much as possible, this is the topic that you can start writing your blog about. Are. After selecting Topic, you can create your own blog.


You must have Google's Gmail account to create a blog of your own. After you login with your Gmail account, search Google at After clicking on Create a unique and beautiful blog, you can click on Create new blog. And after that name you want to keep Blog, type the name and select a subdomain name for it. Click Create BLOG and create a BLOG.

You can watch videos on YouTube to create your own blog on Google's Blogger. For this you search on YouTube How to Create a Blog and Blogger

After watching these videos, you can easily create your own blog on Blogger. After creating the blog you have to design this blog. For that you go to google and search by typing blogger template you will find a lot of websites where you will get more than one blogger free template. You can set your template to BLOG by selecting one of those templates.

If you do not have to put a template on your blog and you do not have to design it, then you can also search on YouTube for it. You will find a lot of videos about setting up templates on BLOG on YouTube. By looking at these videos, you will also learn how to set up a template on your blog and design it. If you have a shortage of time, then I will tell you one side of whose help you can design your blog. Website name On this site you can also design a logo for your blog and if you do not even have to write an article, then this site also provides article writers. There are lots of tips and tricks available from Blogging related to Relative and Earning on this site, and you must also check them out.


 By the way, if you see BLOGGING, you can apply from free to 50000. To create a blog for free, you can create your own blog on Google's BLOGGER Platform and start blogging by putting it on the domain.

Doing this will make your blog and you will not even need to apply ₹ 1. If you do not create a BLOG, you can make your own BLOG from any professional BLOGGER. Professionals take charge from 2000 to ₹ 10000 to create blogger blogs. If you do not have such a budget then you definitely visit the tricksseller site, which provide you with a great professional looking website at low prices.

If you create your blog on BLOGGER, then BLOGGER is Google's free platform where anyone can create your own blog. After creating a blog on BLOGGER, your BLOG name is all domains of BLOGGER. Such as

If you want to get your own domain name, you can buy your domain by going to any domain register company and put it on your blog.

What is a Domain Name?

The domain name is a permanent address of your BLOG or website such that our house has a permanent address, after which anyone can access it easily after sharing it, just like the domain name, a blog or a permanent address of the website Where anyone can access online.

There are several types of domain names in which .com, .in, .pk, .org, .net are now your own choice, in which extension you prefer your domain.

No matter what extension your domain is in. If your website content is good and if you update your blog every day, then surely people will start reaching your blog by searching on Google.

Where to register domain names (where to register domain names) -

There are many companies offering Domain Name, among which there are also famous companies like GoDaddy and Bigrock from which you can take your domain. After registering the domain, you can relax this domain on your BLOGGER blog.

If you do not want to place the domain name on your BLOGGER BLOG, you can also place a domain name on your BLOG by watching the video about it on YouTube.

How much money is available for the domain name -

Domain Name You get 100 rupees to ₹ 700 Which is for 1 year. If you want to register your domain for more than 1 year then you can also do this for that you have to already pay these companies. And if you register a domain for 1 year, then you have to renew that domain every year.

Renewal also costs the same amount of money that was spent while purchasing their domain names. You do not even need hosting for BLOGGER BLOG.

How many types of blogs are (HOW MANY TYPES OF BLOGS ARE) -

BLOG consists of two types: First Non Hosted and Second Hosted. BLOGs on Google's BLOGGER platform or on the Tumbler platform are called Non Hosted BLOG.

And those blogs that are created on WordPress that require hosting a hosting are called Hosted Blogs. WordPress is an internet application that runs on hosting.


BLOGGING is of many types, in which different topic categories and different methods are used. I'm here for you BLOGGING I would like to tell some varieties.

Niche Blogging

Niche BLOGGING means creating a blog on a single topic and posting it as you created blogs on Health and posting related articles on Health and related articles and publishing health related information. This is called Niche BLOGGING. In the same way, you can create your blog on any subject on any topic and start posting in it.

Multiple niche blogging

Posting Multiple Multiple BLOGGING i.e. different topics in the same blog. Such as news blogs or websites, etc. In this you get all types of articles.

Some people consider it better, but according to my own experience it is not better. That's because if you create your blog on a topic then the visitors who are interested in the same topic keep coming to your BLOG.

And if you put an article on many different topics on the same blog then your visitors do not have fixes. He does not come often to you. While the BLOGs on Single Topic are visiting Visitors repeatedly because they are interested in that topic, due to this, they want to get as much information about this.

Viral blogging

The trend of Viral BLOGGING has become quite bigger nowadays. Viral BLOGGING means posting on topics which are becoming more viral on social media.

As there are some news, which are becoming more viral, you have to put those news on your BLOG. For this, you have to find out which articles are currently viral in your country or in the whole world. While using those same articles, you also need to put an article on your blog.

Most viral BLOGGING people like to use BLOGGER copy paste article but it is not better than this, it is better that you write your second article written on it and publish it on your blog.

On the topic of viral BLOGGING, the author of this book, Imran Sir, recorded a comprehensive course, which is still unavailable. If you want to learn the step by step through Viral BLOGGING and want to work on it, then you can buy this course by contacting Imran Sir and seeing this course sitting at home, you can learn how to work on the topic of viral BLOGGING.

In other countries, news stories, etc. are viral, similarly videos, etc. are also viral. Photos and so on are viral. Viral BLOGGING, BLOGGER, uses the same to put content on their BLOG, which gives them a lot of traffic. Is found.

One of the biggest advantages of creating a blog on Viral BLOGGING and working on it is that the viral topic is being searched for the most which is the most searched, if there is any article on it or video, etc. If you upload it, then surely there are quite a lot of visitors coming to it. And if this blogger has placed adsense or any other network ad on his blog, then good earnings also starts.

Event Blogging

Event blogging means creating a blog on any festival, etc. and putting content on it. Event BLOG likes people to search more during the event. For example, people like Happy New Year photos, etc., on the new year, if an event blogger's blog is on this topic and has put a related photo from Happy New Year on its blog, then its blog But at the time of new year, a lot of visitors begin to come.

To create an Event Blog, you have to make preparations first, that is, at least 6 months before any festival commences, you have to create a blog and put content on it 6 months to get a BLOG ranking. And when the festival comes after 6 months, visitors at that time start coming to its BLOG, which starts to earn substantial income.

Auto blogging

A lot of people also make Auto BLOG and put content in it as well. In Auto BLOGGING BLOG you can set any famous website that auto post so that anyone posted on that website will be able to see their short intro also on your BLOG. However, it does not seem to be full article of that website, only a few lines are seen. But even after searching the visitors, they also arrive at Auto BLOG, and going through auto blog, they go to read news on websites where they have to read the news.

According to my own experience, Auto BLOGGING is not even better. I think if you want to be successful in BLOGGING, then you can create a blog on a single topic and begin to include content in it. This will create a different identity of your BLOG, BLOG will do.

My own blogs are on top of all the techniques in which I keep publishing technical information and so on. In today's time, there has been a lot of BLOG and website on the technology, so much of the compaction has been done. Every bamboo is engaged in sharing technical knowledge and knowledge, so I think if you want to do BLOGGING, then do not do any of the techniques on the topic.

10 years ago, when I came to BLOGGING, at that time I had made my blog on the tech at that time there was not so much compaction, due to this, the visitor has come very much on my blog even today, but in today's era where But too much compaction has been done on this topic, if a banner works on it, I think its block will not get so many visitors.

News blogging

It is also considered a beneficial category in which you create a blog where you have to add the latest news. It can also be called online news portal site.

To run online news portal site you will have to publish at least 10 to 15 articles daily, your visitors will remain on your BLOG. If you do not do this you probably will not be able to succeed in this field.

A lot of news channels have also made their News Portal website and blogs in which they publish many news articles daily, and they also keep their pages on Facebook as well.

 He also shares his every news article on his page so that his website receives very good visitor's website, on their websites, Google Adsense ads are also used, so that the news channels earn money through their website. .

If you are interested in news etc. and you like reading news, etc. you can also work on this topic. But remember here also that you do not have to take copy articles from any news portal site. After reading any news you have to write another news article similar to your mind and publish it on your blog. is.

Then users will remain at your BLOG and will not be able to claim any copyright claim on your site and on your site again and again.

Video blogs

BLOGGING also has a category video blogs where people make their own blogs and keep on putting YouTube's videos into it. Most of them are people who have their own channels on YouTube, and they keep on putting their videos on their blogs to gain maximum views on their videos.

So that their videos get more views and ads are also posted on the video, which makes them earn via YouTube. If you are also on YouTube and you also want your YouTube videos to get maximum votes, you can also create a video blog and put your videos in it.

Lastly, I would like to say that through this post, you have acquired all basic information about BLOGGING. Now you can see any blogger course on YouTube to learn BLOGGING and to create and design BLOG and design it You can learn to post and so on.

You can also join the online courses of the author of this site if you wish. Building BLOG in these courses, designing and posting and customizing it all have been taught and many of the courses relaunched from BLOGGING have been done and Are being done Blogger Course in Hindi Beginners to Advance Website Development on Blogger Click Here

On the YouTube channel, you can see the demo videos of these courses and can idea from them that these What has been taught in the courses Click Here

Blogging tips How do you get this post by hindi If you liked this post then give your feedback and do not forget to share it with your friends on social media Thank you.


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