Download WhatsApp: How to Download WhatsApp 2019

If you are reading how to download this article Whatsapp, then you also have to install it in your new SmartPhone. If this is the case, then you must read this article to the full end, find out if you learn something new in it.
Download WhatsApp: How to Download WhatsApp 2019

Download WhatsApp: How to Download WhatsApp 2019

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app of nowadays, as well as you can use it by downloading it in every kind of device. This can also be done by downloading it in your multiple devices so that you can get your messages anywhere and at anytime.

Well downloading whatsapp is a straightforward procedure, however its technique is diverse for various working frameworks, for example, in the event that you are utilizing iPhone, Android, Windows or a Mac, this guide is only your place. Many trust that work will come.

Beneath you will discover well ordered guidelines for downloading WhatsApp, so you can without much of a stretch introduce them in any of your gadgets. At that point proceed immediately and download Whatsapp.

WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messenger and Voice over IP (VoIP) application. WhatsApp was compiled in 2009 by American citizens Jane Koum and Brian Acton.

Seeing its poplarity, Facebook bought it for about $ 19 billion in 2014. From 2015, Facebook has made it free. That is, you can use Lifetime Free Use.

Users can easily send text messages and voice recordings, make phone calls, as well as share media and documents safely with other WhatsApp users in individual or group chats.

With the help of WhatsApp Web, users can easily sync their accounts in multiple devices, so that they can maintain their conversations in computers and in mobile phones.

Download Whatsapp in Android

Downloading WhatsApp in Android Device is very easy. Well, there are two main ways to download it.

Previously, you need to initially open the Google Play Store, at that point there you need to type 'WhatsApp' in its inquiry bar and after that you see 'Whatsapp Messenger' by 'WhatsApp Inc' before you. At that point do you need to pursue the means by tapping on its 'introduce' catch. At last, WhatsApp is introduced in your telephone and begins to take a gander at.

There is another way in which you have to go to this link on from your phone's browsers. On this click, it redirects directly to the Google Play listing, where you can install 'tap' on the install button.

How to download WhatsApp from Play Store

Once you have installed the Whatsapp App and then started it, then you also have to adhere to its terms and conditions, here you have to enter your phone number so that the app can verify it. After this you have to follow all the steps ahead, in which you can ask about the restoration of back-up if you have used WhatsApp before.

Here's a point to note that you need Android version 2.3.7 in your phone to create a new WhatsApp account and to download android 2.3.3 or later version of WhatsApp.

Download Whatsapp in iPhone

If you want to download WhatsApp in your iPhone then you simply have to open the App Store, then type in 'WhatsApp' in its search bar and in such a way the icon of WhatsApp will appear.

This app's full title is 'WhatsApp Messenger' and it's made by 'WhatsApp Inc', so note the special attention of this thing before downloading it.

Once you've got your right app, you can hit the 'get' option, so you can easily download the WhatsApp app.

Alternatively, if you open the link directly in your phone's browser then it will take you directly to the App Store listing.

Once you've downloaded the app, you can launch it and follow those simple setup instructions, in which case you are being asked to accept term and conditions, then your phone number will be asking to verify ( Here you just have to wait a text message by entering your phone number).

If you have ever used WhatsApp before and if you have any data backup then you can ask to restore it.

You are now ready to use WhatsApp Messenger. Here's the point that you need the version of iOS 8 or later to run WhatsApp on your Apple Phone.

Download Whatsapp in Windows

If you want to download and install WhatsApp in your desktop computer, you will go directly to and press 'download for Windows' button on there.

Once you've downloaded it, you can open and install that WhatsApp.exe file, then follow instructions, in which you have to launch WhatsApp in your phone and then scan it also to have a QR code (Which you can find under Menu> WhatsApp web in your WhatsApp phone app). It will link again to your phone's computer with WhatsApp.

Here's the point of note that WhatsApp has to be installed in your phone too, and both of them have to be connected together.

for example. If you turn off your phone, then the Windows version will not work, unless you turn it on. You need a version of Windows 8.1 or higher to use WhatsApp in your computer.

Download Whatsapp in Mac

There are two ways to download WhatsApp in the Mac.

In the first you will go directly to this link on and then click on 'download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher button'. Here you will find that you need to use Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.

By doing so, a .zip file will download, you have to open it again to run WhatsApp. Doing so will install WhatsApp, now you will find the option that you want to add it to the Applications folder or in your desktop dock.

This is the second way, in which you have to go directly to the WhatsApp Desktop listing on the Mac App Store and you can download it from there.

In any manner, once you have installed it, you have to do a QR Code scan from your phone app (which also has to be installed). You can view this QR scanner in Settings> WhatsApp web in iOS 8.1 or higher.

This WhatsApp service will work in your Mac only if WhatsApp is running in your phone, once you have closed the phone or deleted it from your phone app then it will stop automatically.

How to use WhatsApp Web?

You do not have to download WhatsApp Web to use it on your PC or Mac. Rather, you directly web.

You can go to and run it in the same web browser.

When you reach that page, you have to scan a QR Code. Launching WhatsApp in your phone and then go straight to Menu or Settings, then WhatsApp Web, so that you can access the code reader.

Once you've scanned the code, then WhatsApp Web will be launched automatically, in which all of your WhatsApp conversations will be lost, so you can chat with the browser.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp?
Now let's know what are the advantages of using WhatsApp.
1. These are avaliable in all platforms such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

2. In it, you can send unlimited messages to anyone, why not even in any corner of the world.

3. It lets you know the status of messages soon with the help of gray and blue ticks.

4. In it you can send contacts easily.

5. Along with audio and video messages upto size (approximately) up to 16Mb

6. In the same way, document files can also send up to 100Mb (such as PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc.).

7. Can easily be sent to your current location accurately.

8. There is a group chat facility which is limited to about 256 WhatsApp members

9. There is also a feature of Broadcast list in order to broadcast a single message too many people at the same time and in the same single click.

10. It gives you the security of End-To-End Encryption. The same simple blocking option is also available.

11. With this you can make unlimited voice and video calls.

12. It has the feature of emoji's, so that the conversation can be fun and interesting.

13. In it, you can easily change your number if your phone is lost, then without losing your existing WhatsApp account.

14. All its services are provided free of cost.

Whatsapp Concept

In WhatsApp, the Ejabberd (XMPP) server is used which facilitates the transfer of instant message between two or more users in a real-time basis.

Due to its high reliability and sustainability features, it can be used in peak traffic too easily. This is the main reason why WhatsApp developers have not voted for Ejabberd.

ERLANG is a programming language that is used in WhatsApp's Source Code.

Want to download whatsapp?

I hope you like to download this article to WhatsApp, how it can be liked. This is always my endeavor to provide complete information about the readers to download WhatsApp, so that they do not need to find any other sites or internet in that context of that article. This will likewise spare their time and will get all the data in a single spot.

In the event that you have any questions about this article in your psyche or you need some improvement in it then you can record remarks for it.


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